Rogerio Micale, Brazil coach
For us it’s mission accomplished. We were in a strong group with difficult games and we played very well. With a 100 per cent success rate it gave us confidence going into this match. Both Hungary and Korea DPR play a very defensive style of football and our team was able to answer with a more offensive game. I believe that we have a chance to win this title, but Serbia are a team to watch. They have been impressive in this tournament as well as competitive and disciplined, but Portugal and Germany are also very strong teams. Tonight we enjoy and tomorrow we think about the next game. Mistakes are not acceptable at this stage of the competition.

An Ye Gun, Korea DPR coach
We have gained a lot of experience here in New Zealand. The Asian style of football is completely different to the one in Europe and South America. This was an important lesson for my players. What is still missing for us compared to the top teams? The individual skills! We will work hard in the future, especially in the defence, too. Hopefully we will see some of these players at a full World Cup at some point in the next few years.