Humberto Grondona, Argentina coach
We don’t deserve to be out of the World Cup at this stage. We expected a lot of ourselves and came to New Zealand with high hopes. We were definitely aiming to achieve more than we delivered in the end. We gave it our all today but the ball just didn’t want to go into the back to the net. Now we’ve got to hope for a miracle.

Andreas Heraf, Austria coach
We’ve achieved something unbelievable. We played incredibly good opponents today and fought and worked hard for this point. On the one hand everything that happens now is a bonus for us, but on the other hand there are only knockout rounds left now. Anything is possible at that point so we’ll wait to find out who we’ll be playing and then see what happens. But when you can hold your own in a group with Argentina, Ghana and Panama, there’s no need to hide from anyone and you have every right to be hopeful about the last 16.