Rogerio Micale, Brazil coach
We are very happy and proud. I didn’t expect a score like this due to the quality of the Senegal team, but we made the most of our opportunities today. We’ve had some good games and we’ve had some problems, but as a team we’ve grown through those difficult matches. Today everyone played perfectly. We had great momentum between our sectors and our team has reinvented themselves in this match. Both our defence and offense have been amazing and we have been in very good form. This match was very important for us. We were able to create chances and were very effective in front of the goal. This gives us confidence going into the final and at this point in the competition it is very important. I am very happy with my team as a whole. When no one scores against us that shows that our defence is working well and it has been a whole team effort.

Joseph Koto, Senegal coach
I really want to congratulate Brazil on their win. They showed more envy and engagement and the best team won today. Football has days with and days without and this was a day without for Senegal. Brazil has had a good run and today almost all their balls went in while ours did not. It has been a great adventure and achievement for us with this being the first time we have ever qualified at this level. Our goal on arrival was to get out of the group stage and we did that. We have done very well and only lost one match due to our lack of experience. Our team has had a good attitude and God has helped us in our victories. In football you have to know how to lose and we expected that one day we would. We wish Brazil well for the remaining match going into the final.