Veljko Paunovic, Serbia coach
First and foremost, I want to thank our people and our country, and acknowledge the support we've had in New Zealand from all over the world. And I want to dedicate this trophy to my father, who passed away six months ago. This is for him. I also want to congratulate Brazil - a great team, an amazing team. They deserve to be have this trophy too. We have learned a lot from them and I want to really congratulate them for the amazing football they played today. Were we lucky? Yes, we were lucky. But you have to deserve your luck and we worked extremely hard. We are a team that plays as one and, in the end, I think the team that wanted most to win this trophy has won it. It will give us confidence for the future but we must continue building, and rebuilding, our football and our society.

Rogerio Micale, Brazil coach
It's hard to assess right now how we lost this match. But we were ahead in lots of aspects of the game, but in the most important - scoring goals - Serbia had one more than us. We must congratulate them for their victory because they are a really good team and you can see that they have been working together for a long time. We are disappointed not to have won the trophy, but I leave this World Cup with very good feelings about what we have done and how we have played. And these players are just starting. I hope they can do some great things for Brazil in the future, and I believe they can. I'm really proud to have worked with them and I congratulate them on their performances and their professionalism here in New Zealand.