Walter Perazzo, Argentina coach
"As expected, it was a very balanced match between two teams who were technical and well prepared, both of whom have great ambitions. Even if they had possession of the ball, we knew how to play it back and we created more chances. In the end, I think our victory is quite logical. We decided to leave Juan Iturbe on the bench so that he brings a little freshness and power in second-half. It is exactly what happened. Now I will analyse England's game before deciding if I should play with both Iturbe and Erik Lamela as starters. In a tournament of this size, the level increases every day, every game. I hope we will increase ours too, and progress throughout the competition."

Juan Carlos Chavez, Mexico coach
"We tried to propose a good style of play - we started the game to attack and to win. But Argentina are great opponents. They waited for our mistake, and when it arrived they took advantage. It's a basic rule of football and they have applied it to the letter. In the second half we lost control of the ball, and the opposition had a great player, Lamela, who has managed to let his class talk to make a difference. We did not manage to score the goal that would have given us more freedom. In a World Cup, there are three matches. We lost the first. We know what we must do in the next two."