Ronald Gonzalez, Costa Rica coach
"It’s a difficult time for the team, and for me, since I am responsible for the team. I’m responsible for this defeat. There are not many things to say about it. This defeat is mainly due to the fact that we went down a goal after less than two minutes. They took advantage of our very bad start and when you go down a goal so early in the game, it kills the will of the boys. We had studied their style of play, we knew that they were dangerous on the corner kicks, and still, we were scored on off a corner. I can only congratulate Vizuete and his players, and assume the responsibility of this defeat. We took more offensive risks in the second half to try to score, but gave up a third goal. What we showed in this group so far is not our real level. I’m happy that a new opportunity was given to us, even if it’s against Colombia on their home soil, we’ll show our best side."

Sixto Vizuete, Ecuador coach
"We couldn’t lose tonight. We played three good games, we had high hopes, and we showed today that we have the quality to reach our objectives. And we’ll show it again in the next round. Apart from playing for our country, our families, and for the future, my players play for each other. And if we keep on following this philosophy, we can go very far. We had many chances, and we converted three. Hopefully, we’ll show the same style of play against France, and we’ll have the same success in front of the goal. This methodology lead us into the Round of 16, but we haven’t won anything so far. We hope the same mentality will lead us further. We show respect for all opponents, France included, but we have showed that we could face any opponent.