Eduardo Lara, Colombia coach: "This has been a very difficult match against quality opponents, particularly because they knew they were in danger of being eliminated. Right from the first minute the Malians showed us they were going to cover every blade of grass and cause us problems with their physicality. But we were able to cope with that and gained the upper hand in the second half. We had a lot of chances but we couldn’t put them away. It has to be said that we set the bar really high in our first game, but you can’t expect to score four or five goals every match. We’re going to study Korea Republic carefully, but I already know they’re a side that run a lot and play very intelligently. We’ve already tackled two very different styles of football and will encounter another against the Koreans. But we’ve prepared very well for that and our experience at the Toulon Tournament, for example, has been useful in that regard."

Sekou Diallo, Mali coach: "We’ve still got one match left to play. We’re in a bad position but you never know what can happen. It’s true that my players got carried away this evening, they were a bit too hard. We were well set up tactically until we conceded the first goal, but after that goal went in the lads piled loads of pressure on themselves. I was so furious at half time that I yelled at my players, which isn’t something I normally do – normally I try to reason with them. We were all in the right positions but we didn’t know what to do when we had the ball. It’s a shame as I’d have liked us to play differently against this great team. In general terms we’ve not had much luck at this competition: the first match was played in very difficult weather conditions and the second was against the hosts with an incredible crowd behind them. And we’re also missing some key players, who could have made a difference for us. But I’ve still yet to see us play like we did in qualifying."