Hugo Tocalli, Argentina coach: "I'm thrilled with the result. In my 13 years working for the AFA, I've won five world titles, although this time I had the coaching responsibilities all to myself (laughs). This win is for all of Argentina. Although the Czechs played to a very high level today, I was always confident in my team's ability to turn the game round. It was a tough match, but we managed to get back into the game in time and enjoyed a happy ending. I thought we were always in control of the game. We worked hard throughout, and doubly so when we went behind. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank all my coaching staff, who did a great job."

Miroslav Soukup, Czech Republic coach: "We didn't let our supporters down. It was a very entertaining game and we played a great part in a great final. Argentina have a very good team and they had the better of the second half. I'd like to thank all my players for their efforts, as we came very close to being crowned world champions. Looking back on the tournament as a whole, we battled in every single game and no one had it easy against us - not even today. When we scored the first goal it was an amazing feeling, but our opponents were unforgiving and punished us for every mistake. This has been the most significant success for Czech football since independence, and we all felt the tremendous support of everyone back home."

Sergio Aguero, Argentina striker: "We knew it was going to be a difficult game and that they were going to defend, but at no time did we despair. In the end, we managed to bring a lot of joy to all Argentinians. I think all the goals I scored here were nice, but today's one meant the most, as it went a long way towards securing us the title."

Emiliano Insua, Argentina defender: "It worked out exactly as we'd planned. Naturally we were disappointed to go behind to a team that had set out to defend in numbers, but this group knows how to keep its composure and focus on its objectives. That's how we were able to turn the game round."

Gabriel Mercado, Argentina defender: "We're delighted to be world champions once again. We all know Argentina have a proud history in this category and we wanted to live up to that. The key was equalising quickly and continuing to believe in ourselves. The Czechs were very tough opponents - physically they were big and a real handful. We really had to work hard for it, but in the end victory was ours."