Paul Gludovatz, Austria coach
We tried everything to equalise. We threw everything at them but we couldnd find a goal. there's no shame in this. Chile is a great team. My players did brilliantly over the course of this tournament in Canada. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going and make a mark in the Austrian league and the senior national team. We had tough times here in Canada, but we had joy in our football and the supporters were with us the whole way.

Jose Sulantay, Chile coach
This was a tough game for us. Both teams gave everything. We were missing some key players, but we fought well and fought hard to reach our goal on this day. We've learned a lot from this tournament football isn't always the same and every tournament is different. We only have three or four pros in the team and all the rest have gained valuable experience. Physically and psychologically, today's game was a struggle. But we came through it and my team showed great heart to become the third-best team at the U-20 world cup.

Sebastian Proedl, Austria Captain
I think we played a good game and said goodbye in the best possible way to this tournament and to our fans. The whole Chilean team played very well today. I congratulate them. The goal keeper for me is the best of the whole tournament. We are satisfied with the way we played, and now we hope that people will know that Austria is not Australia.