Nelson Rodrigues, Brazil coach:
We're in a very difficult group and we knew that. We created more chances than them and our play wasn't bad, but we lacked penetration. Once we had a man advantage, we tried to use the wings more, but it didn't work. Then we tried through the middle, and that didn't work either. I can only congratulate Poland on an excellent defensive performance. In the future, we may well have to play a bit more one-touch football.

The artificial pitch had no influence on the result and nor were we nervous. Physically, we were very good during training as well. The Poles defended well and their goal was fantastic, so we have no excuses to make. My players are obviously sad but we'll use this defeat to bounce back even stronger.

Michal Globisz, Poland coach:
This is a huge victory for Poland. The last time we beat the Brazilians was 33 years ago at the World Cup in Germany, when Grzegorz Lato scored the winner. This time it was 17-year-old Grzegorz Krychowiak who scored. He represents the future for us.

This match was a step into the unknown because we didn't know what to expect. At the start, we were very solid tactically, but the sending-off changed everything. Artur Marciniak had no problem replacing Krzysztof Krol because he's a versatile player. We had to adapt our game plan by defending deeper, keeping possession longer and attempting quick counter-attacks. The great crowd really helped us. I didn't know how my players would react because they've never played in front of a crowd like that, but they responded perfectly!