Gines Melendez, Spain coach: "We put in a good first-half display but Jordan made life difficult for us later on. In one passage of play where we could have made it 4-0 they struck to make it 3-1 and put us under the cosh. During the second half we paid the price for our earlier exertions. Why did I make so many changes? We wanted to top the group and at the same time give all the lads some playing time, and 19 players have been involved up to this point. It's still not certain that we're going to face Brazil. The only thing that concerns me is ensuring my own team are ready (for the next game)."

Jan Poulsen, Jordan coach: "Even at 3-0 down against a quality team like Spain, my team were still able to show their best quality: their fighting spirit. The two goals were a great reward for their efforts, I can't ask any more from them. I'm very pleased with how the players have performed at this competition. You always play to win but you need to be realistic too. We've played against three rival teams who were all far superior to us. My players are not professionals and don't often get to play in big tournaments. They will learn a lot from this experience. I want to thank all the fans who provided such a wonderful atmosphere and the organisers here in Burnaby and Canada as a whole. It's been a real pleasure to be here."

Adrian Lopez, Spain striker: "I'm pleased with the three goals and the fact we met our target of winning the group. The team is the most important thing and not who scored the goals. From now on we're going to have to keep on improving, as the most difficult part of the tournament starts now."

Marcos Garcia, Spain midfielder: "We got off to a very good start but took our foot off the pedal after the break. They gave us a real fright, but we were able to hold on ok. I'm pleased to have played and set up two goals. For the second goal, I thought that Adrian was in a better position to score than me and it doesn't matter who puts it in the net, the team is what counts."