FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

23 May - 15 June


U20WC Poland 2019 Venue: Tychy
  • Stadium name: Tychy Stadium
  • City: Tychy

One of the largest cities of the Slaskie Voivodeship, Tychy is based in its centre. Its great connection to the world is ensured by the crossing of the Gdansk-to-Cieszyn and Krakow-Wroclaw traffic routes. The city is based only an hour drive away from two airports – in Pyrzowice and Balice.

Tychy is a relatively young city (it was granted the town charter in 1934). Despite this fact, it usually surprises visitors with its unique structures. The most popular Polish brewery from 1629, the origin of the well-known Tyskie beer, is a jewel in the city’s historical map. The city was expanded after the war, designed by architects who incorporated new technological and structural solutions.

Tychy is worth visiting as a model example of post-war architectural development. The trail named “From social realism to post-modernism” features post-war architectural concepts that have changed over the years.

Parks, green squares and forests are all around Tychy. In fact, over half of the city’s area features green spaces that allow for relaxation and recreation. These conditions favour an people with active lifestyles—the forest trails around Tychy are perfect for walking, biking, Nordic walking or horse riding.

The city is being filled with outside gyms that are very popular among the residents. The urban spaces offer many attractive meeting locations – the revitalised town squares are enchanting and encourage visitors to stay, even for just a minute.

The city is becoming one of the strongest sports centres in Silesia. The sporting infrastructure has been developing for many years now. The Sports Hall, Winter Stadium, a modern football stadium that opened in 2015 and numerous training fields all make for a robust foundation for Tychy's teams. Supporting their players and teams has become a real passion for many residents. The successes of Tychy's teams (ice hockey, football, basketball and futsal) are not only a reason to be proud for them, but are also act as an inspiration for youth. The youth teams are inspired by the best and bring home medals from numerous sporting events. The Tychy fields are a place of training for children and youth teams cared for by Tychy’s football academy.