Maren Meinert, Germany coach 
It was a very even game and we had to fight hard to make it the last four. Both sides were very dangerous. Our central defenders played a terrific game and I have to compliment them. Whenever Canada got chances, they came from the flanks. It was a great atmosphere and a very fair crowd. Our main goal is always to stay at the tournament until the last day. We have now achieved this and we are very happy about that.

Andrew Olivieri, Canada coach
I could not be prouder of the players, the way they have grown in this tournament and the way the game has progressed in our country. The future is bright. It had been important for us to reach the semi-finals, to increase the players' experience and to develop them further. And, look, we were good; at some stages I thought we were better than Germany. But we just didn't end up with the right result.