Gilles Eyquem, France coach
I want to congratulate the Korean team, who played in a really courageous way and had a great defence. But we won and that is always the most important thing in these kind of games. We played as we had intended but missed lots of opportunities in front of goal once again. We are always trying to score beautiful goals but the efficiency is still not there. Now we will focus on our next game. We have to stay focused, that's really important, and we'll obviously need to work on our finishing and find the right players who can score us the goals we need. We know the German team, they know us and they know we can beat them. I think they might be a little bit scared of this France team. The players have been waiting since the beginning of the tournament for this match and they will be ready.

Jong Songchon, Korea Republic coach
First of all, I'd like to thank all my players for their efforts and their great play. They executed our plans well and did their best throughout the match. I'm regretful that we didn't win but I'm very proud of my players and feel they did everything we asked of them. I had seen France's games before this one and, based on those, I can appreciate how great they are. But I also believe my team to be great and I think we showed that today. My only regret is the result. In the game of football, there are some good things and some bad things and unfortunately our penalty kicks didn't work out. But the players went with their instincts and I can't complain about that.