Hwang Yong-Bong, Korea DPR coach
I’m not happy about the game. It was meant to be a preparation match for the quarter-final. I was confident, because we were basically already qualified for the next round. Ri didn’t play today, because she was injured in the last match, so I wanted to give her rest and wanted to save her energy for the next round.

Andrew Olivieri, Canada coach
We knew that it wouldn’t be an easy match. Korea played a smart match, it was difficult for us to win and they caused us quite some problems, but we are very happy. We know that we needed a goal at some point. We had to be patient, and it was really difficult to get behind the Korean defence. We just had to find a different way and needed some individual quality to make the difference. During the final minutes, I didn’t know that Ghana was up, I thought it was still 1-1. But I knew that we couldn’t take a chance. It was crucial to keep that lead.