Gilles Eyquem, France coach
The first half was complicated. We were not aggressive enough and failed to dominate the game. The positive today was our victory, but we missed a lot of good chances and could have scored more goals. With six points, we can begin planning for the quarter-finals, so in the next match everyone will have a chance to play. We have to be more aggressive in front of the goal though, and more efficient.

Aaron McFarland, New Zealand coach
France were by far the better side. They are a potentially championship-winning team and they put on a good performance. We made a couple of mistakes and they capitalised. For us, the next game is crucial. We have seen Costa Rica a couple of times and we know that every team gets better as a tournament progresses. We could possibly take advantage of the way they play and maybe we can unleash some players against them. The mental side of the game will be important.