Andrew Olivieri, Canada coach
At half time, I told my players that despite the two goals against us, we had enjoyed a decent first half. We had the best opportunities and they just needed reminded that we were the better side. It’s a long tournament, we have to make sure that everyone is ready, and that’s why I made changes in the starting line-up and at half-time. Now we have to go on to our next match and play better than we did tonight.  

Marianne Miettinen, Finland coach
In the second half, it happened for us the first ten minutes what had happened for them in the first. I had told to my players that the first ten minutes of the second half would be the hardest ever and that they would come at us like a storm. And that’s what happened. It’s also bad luck because their header hit our player and went into the net. In the second half, they kept the ball more and we had to run more, which made things difficult It’s hard to describe my feelings now, but I’m absolutely not angry with my players. I know they did their best.