Maren Meinert, Germany coach
First and foremost, I'm very relieved to have won the group. We have of course faced some very interesting matches but I think it's quite an achievement to have come out of those scoring 12 times against three such strong teams. You could see we had some difficult patches today, but the team fought hard to come back and were very solid. Even at half-time, they were calm and realised the need just to keep going. We also had phases when we were very good defensively and, of course, our teamwork played a big part. I'm very proud of my players.

Dorival Bueno, Brazil coach
In the first half, we played very well and had control of the match. But Germany always looked to exploit our mistakes and any time we did something wrong, they capitalised. We told the girls at half-time to expect that but then the Germans scored just a few minutes into the second half, scored again soon after, and you could see that my players became frustrated. We just weren't able to control the match anymore. But there is no doubt for me that Germany are the favourites for the trophy. They are a very good team - very physical and organised in midfield, with good options going forward - and though USA are also strong, I think Germany are definitely the better of the two.