Aaron McFarland, New Zealand coach 
This win is very important to us. We performed well and are happy at winning the game. But there are a lot of things we can improve on. Tonight we are happy and we will go home [to our hotel] and enjoy this. Tomorrow we will focus on raising our standards. Paraguay is a very good team and gave us problems. But we dealt with them very well. What was missing was the cohesion going forward. France will have a lot more weapons to unload on us. We have to review the footage of their game and we have a lot of analysis to do.

Julio Carlos Gomez, Paraguay coach
Football has good things and bad things. Today we endured one of the bad things. We put enthusiasm into the game but ultimately New Zealand won the match. I believe the match was even, a really tough match, though never with any bad intentions in the tackles from either team. There are still two matches to be played and six points to win. The next match against Costa Rica has become the most crucial for us. Whoever is defeated in this match can start packing their bags.