Julio Carlos Gomez, Paraguay coach 
When you win, everything is good. I thought it was a very good match from both sides and you can see that women's football is growing up. It's the first time we have won a match at a [Women's] World Cup and in this moment we will just enjoy the result, which brings us back to life. These girls belong to the history of Paraguay football now. We showed good character today. Our next rivals are a very good team but in every game you just have to play for 90 minutes and then see who wins.

Carlos Avedissian, Costa Rica coach
Maybe it was a mistake to go for the win. Maybe we should have saved the result and reached a draw to have a better starting position from which to compete for a place in the quarter-finals. I thought a draw would have been a fair result but we missed too many chances. Mathematically, though, its still possible.