Peter Dedevbo, Nigeria coach
We are happy with the victory. Before the match I explained to my girls the kind of football that Korea plays, the ‘tiki taka’ and that we couldn’t play like that. We needed to be fast, and that’s the way we played. After the draw against Mexico i was a little bit disappointed, but it was just the first match. When Korea scored i was not worried, because i know the level of fitness of my players, so I was always confident. This win is very important because it will give a lot of confidence to this team.

Jong Songchon, Korea Republic coach
Even though we lost today, i’m happy to say that my players did their best. We had talked a lot about this game against Nigeria and about how strong and fast they are, and we had a plan and I think we executed that plan. I only regret not having scored more goals. Now we’ll prepare ourselves properly for our final group game against Mexico in a few days.