Jun Wang, China PR coach
“It was a hard match. I think our players were under too much pressure in the first half. You can see from this match that the US team is a very strong team but that doesn’t mean we cannot beat them. Maybe if we had done a few things differently the result could have been different too. I think my girls are very good, but I can’t ask too much of them, because the league matches they play in China are not as good as the level of the matches played by American players in the United States."

Michelle French, USA coach
“We came into the game feeling very prepared and confident. We had a great couple of days training and I think that defensively, again, the organisation from our back line through to the forwards played a huge part in this game. We could build a little bit more than in the previous games, which allowed us to keep possession. I think that was very important for us today. Overall I think this was our best match of the tournament."