Aaron McFarland, New Zealand coach
First, we will enjoy this result and qualification, then we’ll have to wait to find out our next opponent and analyse them. Making it through to the quarter-finals for the first time is a reward of all the hard work that has gone in, not only in this tournament but in the years that have gone before. It’s my fifth World Cup, the third for some of our players, and we've learned something new in each of them. With this accumulation of experience, we changed the whole women's game in New Zealand.

Garabet Avedissian, Costa Rica coach 
This score doesn’t reflect the difference between the two teams, even if the better side won. We can’t go back in time but, even if I could, I don’t know if I would have changed anything. What I know is that we came here to prepare the future of Costa Rica’s womens football, with some players who will represent the country for many years. And this experience is priceless. We came with very young players but we have to face the truth that, in Costa Rica, we have no better players than those who were in this team. We took a risk when we came here with young players, but it will pay off [in the long term]. We’re not leaving with bad memories. Every World Cup is a blessing, and we feel very lucky to have come here.