Jong Songchon, Korea Republic coach
This was the most important game for us and I’m happy to see how my players managed to play despite the pressure. Although we came away with a loss and a draw from our first two games, I was actually happy with overall play. Tonight, we got the performance and the result; we couldn’t be happier. Now I’m looking forward to our quarter-final and I hope we will get better. We have already reached our main goal, to qualify for the second round, but it doesn’t mean that we have to stop here.

Christopher Cuellar, Mexico coach
I’m very disappointed, although we played our best 90 minutes since the start of the tournament. But it was not enough and, despite this good performance, we’re going home. Our team improves with every tournament though and just because we qualified last time for the quarter-finals and not this time, that doesn't mean we’re moving backwards. You also have to consider the quality of the teams we faced. Korea Republic and Nigeria already reached the semi-finals and England come from a region where teams always create problems for Mexico. But we’re building for the future, and probably some of the players of this team will take part in the qualifiers and the next Women's World Cup.