Maren Meinert, Germany coach
The victory today was my gift, and it was fun to unwrap it. It was a game at a very high level and our side obviously ended the happier. I do not say this very often, but I'm very proud of my team. We have thrown everything in today and you could see that we were a real unit on the pitch. No matter who our first opponent and how tough the group is, it was important that as a team that we presented ourselves as we have throughout our preparations.

Michelle French, USA coach
It was definitely a back-and-forth game. We created good opportunities and just didn’t manage to finish them. This is something we have to work on for the other games. We have two more matches. It is time for us to look at some film of this match and respond in the next game. We have to go out there and have to get two wins, and that starts with Brazil.