Maren Meinert, Germany coach
It was an unusual game, a game that went back and forth. I myself had never before experienced a 5-5 draw. But it is a fair result. I'll have to talk about many things with my team, but it was important that they always fought back. The point is very important. China play some very nice football and if you give them enough space they can combine well. That's why I said that they would cause difficulties for us, and so it proved.

Wang Jun, China PR coach
We played a fantastic match. We had prepared for this game for ten months and I am happy that my girls did so well. I feel very excited. I believe a lot of people watched the match live in China and I want to say thanks to them. They are the ones who give us strength. In women’s football, Germany and USA are still the best. We can learn from them. But we don’t want to be the student forever - we want to be the teacher.