Calle Barrling, Sweden coach
We lost the match in the first 25 minutes. We weren't aggressive enough in defence, and when we did manage to get hold of it, we lacked the necessary prowess in attack. Colombia proved themselves to be tough opponents and they deserved the win. In the first 25 minutes we saw a different Swedish team to the one I'm used to seeing out there. We weren't as fresh or lively as we were in our previous matches.

Ricardo Rozo, Colombia coach
We deserved the victory against Sweden. Before the match we analysed their team in detail and knew their strengths and weaknesses. I want to congratulate my team on a very good performance. We made use of the space that Sweden allowed us. We're very proud to be representing our country; that was a big motivation for the team.

Yorely Rincon, Colombia player
I've always had a powerful shot, and the coach told me before the match that I should test out the Swedish goalkeeper. Hopefully we'll meet the USA in the semis now.