FIFA U-17 World Championship Trinidad and Tobago 2001

FIFA U-17 World Championship Trinidad and Tobago 2001

26 October - 17 November

FIFA U-17 World Championship 2001

FIFA's sympathies to the US Under-17 team

FIFA has sent a message of sympathy to the US under-17 team following Tuesday's terrorist attacks on the United States.

FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen sent the message to the US team as soon as he arrived in Trinidad, where the FIFA U-17 World Championship kicks off on Thursday.

"Football is sport and sport is peace, and today's events are the exactantithesis of peace and of all that sport and common human decency standsfor," Zen-Ruffinen wrote to the American teenagers. "Here on the idyllic island of Tobago it is difficult to imagine that such horrors can exist and we realise how hard it will be for you to concentrate on this championship. You can be sure that FIFA will do all it can to help you during your stayhere."

The US team plays its first match of the championship against Japan on Friday. There will be a minute's silence before that game and before theChampionship opening match on Thursday between Trinidad & Tobago andCroatia, while flags will fly at half-mast on the first day of matches inall five stadiums of the tournament.

In another letter to US Soccer in Chicago, the FIFA General Secretary saidthat "words could never be found to express the feeling of repugnance feltby all of us who strive for peace and who condemn any act of aggression."