"The Opening Match has all the ingredients for a team to be closely examined, especially if we start behind in the score. But they reacted and showed personality against a good Croatia team, that was also bigger. Nevertheless, they did it by playing their own style, and that gives satisfaction to any coach. Of course we would liked to win and win by a big margin, but at the end we accomplished a positive result,"** Miguel Ponce, Chile coach.**
"The match was as difficult as we expected. We faced a good local team, that plays well technically and had a massive support of their fans. That might have impacted my players a little bit, and that could be why we did not play as well as we expected. Yet, the main objective for us in the opening game was not to lose. Thus, it is a good start and we are still in play in what it is for me the toughest group of the tournament," **Dario Basic, Croatia coach.**