FIFA U-17 World Cup Brazil 2019™

FIFA U-17 World Cup Brazil 2019™

26 October - 17 November


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  • Stadium names: Estádio da Serrinha, Estádio Olímpico
  • City: Goiania

Goiania is the capital of the state of Goias, in central Brazil. Situated 200km and a three-hour drive from the capital, Brasilia, it has a population of around 1.3 million.

Though it was founded in 1735, the city as we know it today was built between 1933 and 1935. So what is there to see and enjoy in Goiania?

  • Art Deco architecture: 22 buildings and monuments in the city centre belong to this style.
  • Memorial do Cerrado: a scientific complex that is home to old villas, indigenous villages and ecological hiking trails. It is Brazil’s second-largest biome.
  • Caldas Novas: situated in the south of the state, it forms part of the world’s largest hydrothermal park.
  • Pirenopolis: built in the 18th century, this city lies 120km from Goiania and boasts stately homes that date to that time, centuries-old churches, original art and craft, and a number of hiking trails.
  • With its indigenous roots, the local cuisine is highly thought of. Rice with pequi (a fruit native to the region), galhinada (chicken and rice cooked in a traditional style) and roast surubi (catfish) are just some of its star dishes.
  • Sertanejo, a music style that originated in the state of Goias.