Name: Aseela
Species: Arabian oryx, the national animal of Jordan

As the official mascot of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Jordan 2016, Aseela the Arabian Oryx will act as one of the most high-profile ambassadors of the largest sporting event to ever take place on Jordanian soil.

Known for her power, grace and sense of sportsmanship, Aseela the Arabian Oryx represents all that is exceptional about young Jordanian female footballers. With her unblinking eyes on the ball, her hooves planted firmly in the sizzling desert sands, and her heart full of love for the game, she embodies the joy of football as a friendly and sporty reflection of the Kingdom’s youngest players.

Aseela derives her strength from her Hashemite homeland, where her elusive species has been celebrated since the dawn of time. Poets have dedicated countless verses to her striking presence. Dreamers have built the mythology of the unicorn on her resilient frame. Hunters have done their best to stamp out her existence, yet she remains – not as a relic of the region’s past, but as an enduring symbol ready to gallop into the future.

Playing an integral role in rallying public support behind this historic football tournament, Aseela will provide football fans in the Kingdom with a mascot that speaks not only to their national identity, but also to the importance of celebrating a distinctly feminine form of strength. Bringing the spirit of women’s football in Jordan to life, Aseela seeks to inspire young girls around the country and region to follow in her ‘hoof-steps’ and embrace the universal game of football.