Spain coach Maria Is
I’m really happy with this win. We’d played Germany twice before, but today was the first time that we managed to come out on top. Having managed to go in at half-time with a two-goal lead, during the break we talked about how they would attack us non-stop. Our strategy was to hold on to the result, and we succeeded in doing that. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us over the next few days, as we try to prepare as well as possible for our semi-final. I thanked the players after the match for the effort that they all put it. We’ll talk about the technical side of things tomorrow. We have to continue in the same vein if we want to win our remaining matches. Noelia [Ramos, goalkeeper] made a number of saves, and that’s why she’s our starting goalkeeper in this tournament. 

Germany coach Anouschka Bernhard
I must congratulate Spain. It was a top-class match. In big games like this one, there is no margin for error. In the first half, Spain were the better side and we just weren’t at the races. In the second half, we definitely created more chances than them, and I don’t think we deserved to lose overall. Unfortunately, we’re going home. Our players found the tension too much to handle – they’re just young girls, after all. They did all they could in terms of trying to score and missed a lot of chances. Afterwards, I told them that they had to put it behind them and to feel proud of what they’ve achieved in this tournament. We need to look towards the future now.