Venezuela coach Kenneth Zseremeta
I’d like to thank the players because they did what I’d asked before the match. We didn’t think we’d fall behind, but we were able to come back quickly and turn the match around. We knew that Mexico’s strength in attack lay with two players (Dayana Cazares and Montserrat Hernandez) and that we had to press them. Once we took the lead, we knew Mexico would push hard, and we had to pull Deyna (Castellanos) back into defence. She played four really good final balls and one of them could have led to a goal. I’d like to thank God and everyone for this win.

Mexico coach Christopher Cuellar
It’s a tough result for us to take. We weren’t very well organised at the start and when we tried to dictate the game, we couldn’t score. I’d told the players a lot of things about our opponents but it wasn’t enough. We tried to attack in the second half but they strengthened their defence, and it’s hard to get the ball off Castellanos. I think the players got a little too worked up and their lack of experience are the reasons why we didn’t stick to our plan. Even so, they’ve picked up some useful experience for the competitions ahead. We’ll need a little time to put this defeat behind us. The players will be going back to school and I hope they’ll turn the page and be able to push on in the future with the experience they’ve gained here.