Kenneth Zseremeta, Venezuela coach
Going behind early was a blow to us. Our centre-half and left-back were not focused at a throw-in, and that loss of focus led to the North Koreans scoring. Later, we did not take advantage during the period of the match in which we were the better team. In the second half, we created more opportunities and were positive in our approach. But we're not going to make any excuses. We knew this was going to be a very tough match against a strong team. The Koreans' team structure and tactics were very impressive. Clearly, it was tough for Deyna [Castellanos] today. I don't think it's because Korea DPR's defenders are better than others she has faced. But whereas in other matches she always had two defenders to beat, in this game she had four. It didn't help that [Yerliane] Moreno was playing deeper than we would have liked, as it meant she wasn't able to offer Deyna the same support as she had received in the other games.

Sin Jong-Bok, Korea DPR coach
Venezuela tried to catch us out by always looking to get the ball quickly to Castellanos and Moreno. Castellanos in particular is clearly an outstanding player and one of the best at this tournament. But I feel we defended this approach well. It made it a little easier for us because the Venezuela players always look to pass to Castellanos, so we knew what to expect. We always felt that if we kept her and Moreno quiet, we would win the match and that's how it turned out. The players were tense, though, and I have to focus on what we can do better in the final. At the moment, we don't have any injured players but we will need to focus on making sure we recover well physically in the time we have.