B.J. Snow, USA coach
First and foremost you have to give so much credit to Japan, the team, the coach, the Federation, for what they've built at the ýouth level. Playing against Japan, it's physically draining but its also mentally draining. I couldn't be more proud of how resilient our girls were tonight. As you saw from the game, our girls never quit. This team had never lost in two-and-a-half years until three days ago. When you have so much success and it comes to an end so quickly, you have a lot of lessons to learn. A big part of my responsibility is to prepare these players for whats next. This group was chosen because we feel they're an investment to get to the senior team - that's why there are 14 and 15-year-old girls in the team. You need the breaks sometimes and we didn't get many of the breaks today. This event has been first class from the moment we stepped off the plane. The people have been gracious and so welcoming. The country of Jordan should be extraordinarily proud. We were fortunate to be a small part of this history.

Naoki Kusunose, Japan coach
This match comes after two losses to the USA at this level and in preparing for this I simply wanted to make the players excited to go out there and really want to win the game and the title. Our target was not revenge. Revenge is not a very appropriate word, especially for this age. Now we need to have some trust and self confidence in ourselves, even from the bench, even from outside the bench. I made a lot of changes today. It's because what mattered here is not just about the win and the game. We are thinking about all our players covering all positions. This is what matters for the team. England are a very strong team, of course we have to prepare very well, and that's what we are going to do.