Nikyu Bala, Nigeria coach 
In football you must have a winner and a loser and, in the spirit of the game, if you lose, you take it. Football is like that. If you conceded goals, you conceded goals. The Journey has been cut short for many teams. Many teams are leaving Jordan by Monday. For us, it's not about feeling bad. We have taken part in the World Cup and that is a wonderful experience. For most of the players, this was a new experience for them. A new and great experience. Next time, they can be better. 

Sin Jong Bok, Korea DPR coach 
I would like to say that Nigeria is one of the top teams in FIFA competitions and in all of world football. Our group was tough. Each team in our group was a top team. Before we arrived here we had no information on these teams. But once here, we could focus on our opponents by watching their matches carefully and talking among our coaching staff. I think this really helped us qualify for the next phase. Just like we tried to focus against Nigeria on counter-attacking football, we will continue to keep focusing on our opponents playing style,