Ghana coach Evans Adotey
We had a game plan today. I knew that in our opening match we'd be facing a very strong Japanese side. I know their strengths and that's why I wanted to put them under pressure early on. However, we conceded easy goals far too quickly. They were simple passes that completely took out our entire defence. We've still got two more games and we're by no means out of the competition yet. We'll bounce back against USA and get back to our old strength. I'll learn some lessons from today's game and maybe go back to playing simple football and playing on the break.

Japan coach Naoki Kusunose
I'm very happy we beat Ghana today. We went into the game with a great deal of respect for them. They're a very strong side and before the match I expressly warned my players about them because they've got great team spirit. We played some outstanding football, especially in the first half. The early goals gave us more security. The game petered out a bit in the second half but my players were still able to close out the victory comfortably, and even score another goal. Getting forward quickly worked very well today, but we still need to work on keeping possession longer.