Maria Is, Spain coach 
I think we’ve come away with an important win, even if we had to wait until the closing minutes. We played well today, better than we did against Jordan in the opener, and I hope we’ll be even better in the third match against Mexico. The team wasn’t quite on its game in the first half and we had a word with them at the break. We were a lot better after the restart, which was down to the mental preparation we did before the competition. This is the first World Cup for the players and for me too. I hope we can do well in the rest of the tournament. 

Gareth Turnbull, New Zealand coach
It was always going to be a tough game. I believe we competed very well for a large part of the match with one of the the world leading football nations, which we can be very proud of.  The girls stuck to their task the full match and it took a world class strike to break our spirit. I’m still proud of the players’ performance though. I would like to see us be more careful when we do have possession, however. We don’t have the same experience as our opponents and its opportunities like the World Cup that are invalubale for the development of these young players. I think the players will keep on progressing in the years to come. We just need to get some top-level matches against experienced competitive teams.