Kenneth Zseremta, Venezuela coach
When you win, you’re always happy and obviously I’m very happy with the victory. It was a fantastic goal from Deyna [Castellanos]. But it wasn’t down to luck [that we won]. It’s down to training and hard work. We had to win today to retain a good chance of getting through to the next round. This game showed us that you can’t always win football games with statistics and tactical instructions. Today we needed that touch of genius, and everyone in football knows that you always have games like that. We knew Cameroon had very quick players. That’s why we didn’t want to take too many risks. Cameroon shouldn’t be too disappointed, though. They have outstanding individuals and they’ve had a great tournament so far. Our next game against Canada will be a completely different challenge to this and we’ll need to prepare very differently for it. But today I’m just happy for my players, for Venezuela and for myself personally.

Birwe Minkreo, Cameroon coach
We’re very sad and disappointed with this defeat, above all because of the way we lost the game. Unfortunately we made the same mistakes as we did in the last game. But these are still young players and individual errors can happen. However, we also learned that at this level at a World Cup, there are still things we need to improve upon, in all areas: technical, tactical and mental. The infrastructure in Cameroon just isn’t very advanced yet. We need to work on that.