Cameroon coach Birwe Minkreo
We made too many unforced errors today, and that’s what ended up costing us the win, and even the draw. After letting in the first goal so early on, we managed to recover and even take the lead, but in the closing stages of the match we just weren’t focused enough. That’s something we’ll need to improve on for next time. The aspect I least appreciated was the lack of communication out on the pitch – we’ll have to work on that, and put things right urgently. It’s very important that my players help each other out there. Canada turned the match around and managed to win because they worked better as a unit.

Canada coach Beverly Priestman
The game was a real rollercoaster. It definitely wasn’t boring. And the best thing is that in the end we were able to come away from such a close match with a win. That’s three important points for us now in a very tough group. This match will help us to handle the rest of the tournament better and to advance a bit further. I’d also like to pay tribute to the work put in by Cameroon, who pushed us to the maximum. Their players never hid and they performed with a lot of tenacity. My team managed to hang in there, and when it came down to it, our drive and desire brought us the win. That’s the type of mindset that I want to see from my players; I don’t ever want to see their heads go down. Opponents like Cameroon don’t necessarily suit our style of play, but against Germany we’re expecting a totally different match. The Germans’ style should suit us better. Admittedly, today’s match was pretty chaotic.