Brazil coach Luizao
We knew it would be a tough game against Korea DPR. Our defenders worked hard in the first half, but we occasionally lost our shape after the break. Unfortunately we were unable to keep out the goal despite the fact that Korea DPR scored in exactly the same way against England, which we'd watched on video. But we lacked concentration a little at that point. The difference for Korea DPR today was that they converted their chances better and scored a goal and we didn’t. We’ve got to have greater possession in the next match and dominate play. If we can do that, we’ll beat England.

Korea DPR coach Sin Jong Bok
Although we’re top of the group after today’s win, nothing has yet been decided. We need to prepare well for the next match against Nigeria and get a good result from that game. I knew before the tournament began that ours would be one of the toughest and most evenly-matched groups, and the first two rounds of matches have proven that. I didn’t expect Brazil to be so defensive today. We weren’t prepared for that but we adapted well. The best team doesn’t always win in football, as today’s game between England and Nigeria showed. That’s why I’m delighted we were able to find a way through today and score that vital goal.