Kenneth Zseremeta, Venezuela coach
We lost concentration at the start and you can’t afford to do that for even 20 seconds against Germany. We went about the rest of the first half trying to make sure that they inflicted as little damage on us as possible. In the second half we tried to close them down in the middle so we could get the ball to Deyna Castellanos. A match like this, between two big teams, is almost like a final come early. We knew it wasn’t going to be easy and we know all about Germany’s stature in football. The next match, against Cameroon, won’t be easy either because they’re a very tough side.

Anouschka Bernhard, Germany coach
I think we played well. Venezuela don’t make it easy for you. It was an end-to-end game, but I think we created a lot of chances and I’m pleased with both the result and the performance, because we played a lot of passes between the lines. The win will give the players confidence for the games ahead. Starting off with a win in a tournament like this is very, very important, because some of the players were a bit nervous to begin with. Now they know, though, that they can win tough games like this.