Luizao, Brazil coach
Our defenders had been doing very well in the match until we scored. After that, we conceded two penalties and unfortunately those ended up making the difference. They were two mistakes that, in a World Cup, you cannot afford. The English team had dominated possession during the first half but they hadn't created many chances. We had warned the players after conceding the first penalty about the danger of such mistakes but unfortunately we went on to lose another. But I cannot complain about my players' effort - they gave all they could.

John Griffiths, England coach
The girls have worked exceptionally hard over the past year on their physical conditioning. This is the first time we've been at a World Cup for a while at this age level, but we came into it making sure the players were fully prepared for playing six games against the very best nations. And make no mistake, this was a very, very tough group, going up against the Asian and African champions and an unbelievably tough side in Brazil. But we just keep doing what we do and the girls know that they are in good condition. Brazil's goal came from a momentary lapse in our back line, which is unusual, but we were playing well and even if we'd gone in 1-0 down at half-time I wouldn't have changed things. The players are remarkable, they know what they're doing and are always so flexible and adaptable when it comes to tactics. We just needed to keep them focused.