Jordan coach Robbie Johnson
I thought today’s game might give us an opportunity to compete on equal terms. We hoped to be able to deliver a better performance, but that plan failed when we conceded an early goal. We then ran out of steam in the second half and the result ended up being very clear once again. Our players have gained plenty of experience from this tournament. I thought they would take another step forward and not let the early goal throw them off course, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to gather international experience at the highest level. Although some of the girls were extremely disappointed, I told them that this has to make us stronger, not weaker. These things happen in football.

New Zealand coach Gareth Turnbull
It’s always special and wonderful to be able to score five goals in a match, but to do so at a World Cup is even more significant. Today’s match wasn’t easy. Scoring early on obviously played into our hands and helped settle our nerves, but Jordan refused to give up. We posed a threat whenever we played quickly and kept the ball on the ground. Unfortunately I don’t think we did that effectively enough in our other matches. One thing we learned at this tournament is that we have to play more games against teams at the highest international level. Although that’s not always easy to arrange in our confederation, it will be our aim for the future.