Maria Is, Spain coach
I thought it was a good game and I’m very pleased with how the team performed and the effort the players put in. I didn’t think it was the right result, though, because it doesn’t reflect how dominant we were and the number of chances we had. We played with a lot of intensity and put a lot into the game. I don’t think there are many things we need to change. We just have to keep the momentum going. We might end up having to play Germany again, one of the superpowers of women’s football. It all depends on tonight’s results. If we could avoid them it would be no bad thing.

Christopher Cuellar, Mexico coach
We’re delighted at finishing top of the group. We didn’t see as much of the ball as we would have liked, and we had to come up with a response to that, find space and get the result we wanted. The key thing was that we showed we can stand up to strong teams like Spain. That was important for us because the teams we’re going to face from now on are going to be at least as strong as Spain. It’s boosted our confidence for what’s coming up, even if we still have room for improvement.