Maria Is, Spain coach
I’m happy with the result. Our main objective was to pick up three points from our opening match. We expected Jordan to be strong opponents, as they were playing at home and in front of their fans. That’s why we pressed so much. Our defence was also very well-organised. Despite this big win, we’re not thinking of reaching the knockout stages just yet. We have to take our matches one at a time and not get ahead of ourselves. We first need to finish top of the group and make it to the quarter-finals. 

Robbie Johnson, Jordan coach
I have to be honest: we came up against a very strong and experienced team. And it was also our first game at this level. They kept the ball out of reach, created several good chances and scored a lot of goals. They could have won by more. We missed an opportunity right at the start that might have changed things. My players will need to learn some lessons from this game, but we’ve got two days to correct our mistakes before the second match.