Robbie Johnson, Jordan coach
Our players were very tired because they’d put so much effort into grabbing that opening goal and then trying to maintain our lead, and once Mexico made it 2-1, it became very difficult. We were still able to keep it at 2-1 until the break, but in the second half, Mexico got the better of us physically. Whenever a team scores against you, it normally means there’s some kind of defensive lapse, because you could probably have stopped the ball from getting into the box in the first place. Sometimes you allow chances that you shouldn’t, and that’s what happened on two of the four goals we let in today. But my players played much better than they did against Spain, and with a bit of luck our play will continue to improve in our third match against New Zealand.

Christopher Cuellar, Mexico coach
We conceded an early goal against Jordan, but we knew that there was still a long way to go, and that there would be a lot of chances for us to score. I really liked the attitude the team showed. They didn’t let their heads go down and they kept working away at what we’ve done in training, and the goals eventually came. Now we’re going to prepare for our next match. Spain will be very difficult opponents and we’re going to try to win the match, despite the fact that a draw would see us finish top of the group. Our objective for this U-17 World Cup is to equal or better what we’ve done in previous tournaments. We reached the quarter-finals last time around, and I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t think about reaching the semi-finals here. But for now we’re focusing solely on the Spain match. We’ll take things one step at a time.