Kenneth Zseremeta, Venezuela coach    
We faced one of the best teams in the world. Canada played a great match and managed to maintain their style and shape until the end. We had to break them down and managed to do so eventually. We played well as a team and have achieved our goal in the end. I travelled the length and breadth of Venezuela to find these wonderful players, and I'm delighted to see then so happy now. I’d like to send a message to the world: nobody believed in our team and our chances of qualifying, but here we’ve proved them wrong as we're now in the semi-finals.

Beverly Priestman, Canada coach
We played in a very tough group, and the pressure got ramped up even more for the quarter -finals. However I’m happy with the performance of my squad and our ability to play with our own style and stick with it until the end. Venezuela were faster on the counter-attack, and that’s why they managed to beat us. I think we’ve learned a lot of good lessons that will benefit these players in the future. In fact, you could say that is the goal of this U-17 World Cup.