Juan Diego Quesada, Costa Rica coach
It was difficult and tough to take. I’m responsible for the defeat. I got my approach and my line-up wrong. It didn’t work as I intended, and couldn’t be rectified during the game. The team put in a great effort, but it just wasn’t enough. I have to admit that Italy’s performance was excellent – they played very well indeed. I’d like to congratulate them for having qualified for the next round.

Enrico Sbardella, Italy coach
It was an extremely difficult match. Costa Rica are a great team; they’re solid, with some outstanding players. We wanted to go into half-time with a bigger lead because we knew that after the break we wouldn’t be able to keep up the same tempo. We missed several first-half chances, and then were made to suffer until the final whistle. But we got the result in the end, although we’re sorry to have knocked out the host nation. The goal was something we’d worked on in training, but it had never previously worked out as well as it did tonight.