Sweden-France: Quotes

Sweden coach Thomas Dennerby It was essential to win this match, because we’d played extremely well in our four previous matches before losing to an excellent Japanese side. That was a setback, but our reaction today was top class; we showed what we were truly capable of. And now we’re going to celebrate this bronze medal in an appropriate fashion!

France coach Bruno Bini It’s been a fantastic adventure, and what I’ll take away from it ahead of everything else is the interest our run created in women's football back home. People were able to identify with this French team; you could almost describe it as a sociological phenomenon. In these tough times, seeing this squad – made up of 21 everyday girls and an unremarkable coach – give their all and run their hearts out on the pitch seemed to really affect people. Now it’s time to say goodbye.

Sweden defender and Player of the Match Sara Larsson I’m not really sure why I was voted Player of the Match – maybe for my assist. I'd like to congratulate all my team-mates for putting in a great performance today, which was a brilliant way to bounce back from our defeat by Japan and the red card we received.